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Kimberley and CJ's ESL Website!
Our Teaching Philosophy

Kimberley believes that all students have the capacity to learn English. She feels that students learn in different ways, therefore she incorporates visual, tactile and all other forms of stimulation for her students.

Kimberley believes that students need to be challenged and is constantly planning her classes to achieve this goal. She feels that learning should be fun and active. She likes giving students choices to encourage students to be involved in their own education.


CJ believes in active and involved education. Working in groups enables students to learn in different ways and teaches them about themselves and how to communicate with others. They not only learn the language but are given the oppurtunity to use it.

CJ was once taught that a well rounded student is one who can think well, write well and speak well. He hopes to pass this philosophy on to his students of all ages and levels.