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Kimberley and CJ's ESL Website!

Welcome to our web page...feel free to look around!

(Want to know more about us? Click here or go to https://kim-cj.tripod.com/kim-cj/ ...have fun!)

Welcome everyone. This is Kim and CJ's website for teaching ESL. We would like future employers and other teachers to look around and see who we are and what we are doing.

We are a married couple in our 20's from Canada. Our goal is to teach in many countries all over the world and learn as much about different cultures as we will about ourselves.

Currently, we are in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and are looking for teaching positions. We will consider all offers. If you would like to arrange an interview please give us an e-mail at kimandcj@hotmail.com. We will check our e-mail daily.

CJ teaching at a convention in Taipei

This is a picture of CJ speaking at a seminar for new teachers in Taipei, Taiwan. There were about 400 teachers in attendance.

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