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Kimberley and CJ's ESL Website!
Our Teaching Experience

Kimberley has taught students from all over the world. She has been a teacher in Calgary, Canada. As well as, Tainan, Taiwan. Besides teaching, Kimberley has worked at a summer camp in Canada for 5 years. She taught children and teenagers many games and the love for nature and camping!

Kimberley is an energetic teacher who likes to get her students involved in their learning. She has taught students of all ages, from kindergarten to high school and adults. She even worked with mentally challenged kids one year over her Christmas vacation!

Kimberley looks forward to teaching children around the world for years to come!

CJ has had a great time working in Taiwan with students of all ages. His youngest student was 18 months and his oldest was 74! This wide range of ages and levels has helped CJ become imaginative and flexible in his teaching techniques.

CJ is a creative and diverse teacher. He loves finding new ways to teach old concepts. His students are always excited about learning english with new games and stories. His hardwork and determination shows in the progress of his students.

CJ is excited about learning new cultures and meeting new students from around the world. He can't wait to see what waits around the corner.