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Kimberley and CJ's ESL Website!
CJ's Photo Page

Here are some pictures of CJ teaching in Taiwan.

(Put your cursor on the picture to see some exciting text!)

One of CJ's adult classes.

CJ having some fun with the kids!

A field trip to Kaoshiung for the Lantern Festival.

CJ was the judge at one of the school's reading competitions.

CJ presenting at a teacher's seminar in Taipei, Taiwan.

Playing "Pin the Nose on the Witch" during halloween..CJ is the hula girl!

A field trip do Central Taiwan.

A field trip to "Salt Mountain"!

CJ working his magic!

Here are some of CJ's precious students at Jordan's Language School in Yung Kang, Taiwan.

One of CJ's students having fun with the camera!

This is Benson (a student of CJ's) writing some answers to one of our great games.

Teaching during a PTA class.