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About Us

We know what you are thinking..."Great, just what I need to know! More boring stuff about Kim and CJ."

Kim was born in Germany and moved all over Canada before settling here in Calgary.

CJ on the other hand, was born in Medicine Hat and moved all over Western Canada before settling in good ol' "Cow Town"

Both are blessed (Kim more than CJ) to have met each other at Camp Cadicasu in Bragg Creek, Alberta.

Kim and CJ both got their degrees from the University of Calgary. Kim received an education degree while CJ got a degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Health and Physiology).

We are now living and teaching Taiwan! We have been here since September 8th, 2000. We both work for a company called Jordans Language School, but we work at different branches. We have been very busy this year. The time has flown by.
In January Kim started working with a publishing company writting teachers manuals for English as a Second Language text books. The company also recruited us to do some videos to go with the books. These were very basic how to instuction videos for teachers. Next, they wanted us to do a professional video for sales to schools and families. We had alot of fun doing this, and now have a Mr/Mrs. Rodgers meet English class video to treasure for years to come!
Kim is also currently writing childrens storybooks for the same company, and may one day be a published author!

We will try and get some pics up for you on our Taiwan stuff soon!

Kim and CJ at the Unicorn