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All things Taiwanese

Hope you enjoy all the pics we have here. We will add more as we go!!!

Put your mouse on the picture to get a description.

If you have any pics of our Taiwan adventure (in JPEG) that you want to see, just e-mail them back to me and I'll throw them on...cheers!

Aaron and Anne Marie came and visited us in April.  We had a grrrreat time!

Coady riding the waves...what a cool beach mama!

Kim feeling the power of the water. She almost took my head off, though because she doesn't know how to move out of the way yet!!!

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Aaron's impression of a drunken rabbit at "The Armoury"

Jim and Coady went surfing with us as well.  The body board is almost as big as Coady...hahaha!

This was a small hike we did with Kim's parents in Kenting National Park.

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