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CJ's Stag Photos


(L to R): Oisin, Sean, Ricardo, Dave, CJ, Jamie, Declan, Josh J., Conall and Josh C.

We started the stag off by a quiet, DEADLY game of paintball...I don't know if I trust Declan with a hi-powered rifle?!

Damn...were those the biggest mosquitos you have ever seen in your life...or what?

The last game of the day was CJ vs. EVERYBODY!!!
*what are you laughing at're going to get married one day too!!! And trust me, we're going paintballin'*

CJ, Aaron and Declan...aren't they precious?

The Cadicasu boys...ahhh nothing has changed, SLAINTE!

(L to R): Aaron, Declan, CJ, Sean and Dave

The wedding party (except for Erik)...thanks for coming out lads!!!

CJ, Dave and Peter at the Unicorn

My good friend Dave from Vancouver flew out for the party...Cheers to you Davinder!!! (hey Peter, drink up man!)

C'mon now're supposed to drink the pint, not play with it!

Sean displaying the beautiful Kilkenny mustache...whatcha doin' on the side there Declan?

Smile Ceige!

CJ smiling away at the Maid!!!